Apple iOS 17 Privacy Protection: How it Affects Advertisers

Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander
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Apple has just released iOS 17, the latest version of its mobile operating system. This new release includes a number of new features and improvements, but one of the most significant is the introduction of iOS Link Tracking Protection. This innovative tool is part of its latest operating systems, iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, and represents yet another triumph for internet privacy.

Link Tracking Protection is a new feature that automatically removes tracking parameters from links that are shared in Messages, Mail, and Safari private browsing. As a result, advertisers will no longer have the ability to track users who interact with these links.

This is a major step forward for privacy on mobile devices. For years, advertisers have been able to track users across different websites and apps by embedding tracking parameters in links. Such tracking data has been employed to create user profiles, deliver targeted advertisements, and gauge the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Undoubtedly, Link Tracking Protection is poised to revolutionize the existing landscape.

Examples of Link Tracking Protection

Here is an example of a link before and after Link Tracking Protection is applied:


In this example, the tracking parameter click_id has been removed from the URL after Link Tracking Protection is applied. This means that advertisers will no longer be able to track users who click on this link.

Here is another example:


How can businesses adapt to the new iOS 17 privacy features?

Below are several methods through which businesses can adjust to the modifications introduced in iOS 17:

  • Use Private Click Measurement: Private Click Measurement is a new ad attribution feature that allows advertisers to measure the success of their campaigns without tracking individual users. Private Click Measurement is available in Safari Private Browsing mode.
  • Use other methods of measuring campaign success: Businesses can also use other methods of measuring campaign success, such as surveys or website analytics. Businesses can also target ads to specific users based on demographics or interests.

The changes in iOS 17 represent a major shift in the way that businesses can track users. Businesses that are prepared for these changes will be well positioned to succeed in the future. Reach out to our team of specialists to assist you today!

Tips you should know

  • Link Tracking Protection is enabled by default in iOS 17. Users can disable it if they choose to, but this will reduce the privacy benefits of the feature.
  • Link Tracking Protection will make it more difficult to measure the success of marketing campaigns. Businesses will need to find new ways to track the number of clicks, conversions, and other metrics that are important to their campaigns.
  • Link Tracking Protection will make it more difficult to target ads to specific users. Businesses will need to rely on other methods of targeting, such as demographics or interests.
  • Link Tracking Protection will increase the importance of first-party data. Businesses will need to collect data directly from users, such as through surveys or email signup forms.

The changes to Apple’s iOS 17 privacy protection will be a challenge for digital marketers, but they also represent an opportunity. Businesses that can adapt to these changes will be better positioned to succeed in the future.

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