DIY Videography Blueprint: Equipment (Part 2)

Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander
Digital Marketing Innovator
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In digital marketing, videos are one of your most powerful tools to grab your audience’s attention, amplify your message, and show the value your business can bring to the table. There is a plethora of content available online, so doing it right, can help you stand out in a positive manner and build confidence in your brand.

This is the second insight in a two-part series. In the first part we outlined key considerations to prepare for and best practices when it comes to recording. Here we take a step back and take a look at the equipment you can purchase to set you up for success.
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In this guide, we cover recording equipment for a DIY non-video specialist, which excludes professional cameras and DSLRs.

The two suggested approaches include either recording on your computer with add-on equipment to enhance the quality, or through your smartphone or tablet. The camera quality of the newer smartphones and tablets has improved greatly lately that allows you to produce quality videos at a relatively low cost.

iOS Device

  • Camera
    If you have a new iPhone, this can be the perfect equipment to record the raw footage of your video. The newest iPhone 13 (at the time of this document) boasts a 12MP camera system and now allows for Depth Perception and 4K recording.

    Alternatively, an iPad Pro is an alternative option if you prefer the to use a tablet with rivals the same quality above minus the Depth Perception and 4K.
  • Tripod
    Your tripod will stabilize your camera as its base. The following recommendation is assuming you have a desk or table to position the tripod on in front of you – there are numerous options for you out there when it comes to tripods, only important considerations are ensuring the grip fits your camera device (Plus/Max smartphones are larger) and the height it reaches to meet your needs.
  • Microphone
    Audio can make or break a video. We recommend against using the native microphone and instead a shotgun mic on the camera/tripod pointed to the speaker or a lavalier clip-on mic.

    Newer Apple mobile devices now use a USB-C connector instead of the traditional Lightning input.

    When it comes to microphones, lead manufacturers include Sennheiser and Rode. We’ve had positive outcomes with these brands in terms of quality, so we stick with what we know. We start off with lavalier mic recommendations:
  • Lighting
    The Rode and Joby bundle options include a small light accessory which brightens the speaker’s face, although won’t make much of a difference.

    For more standalone and powerful lighting we recommend the GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 2-Video Light Kit.

    Refer to the Recording section under DIY Videography Blueprint on the differences between a ‘Key’ light and a ‘Rim’ light on your subject.

    Key light recommendations:
    • Godox SL60W
    • Light from a side window drastically improves the video conditions and artificial light placement. Try and avoid having the window too close to the speaker.
    • GVM 100W LED
    • VIJIM K4 LED
      Rim light recommendations:
    • Any other light sources as long as the lamp color is the same on every light sources (natural light usually stays between 5000-6000k, led lights around 5600k)
  • Bundles
    During COVID-19 a lot of companies had to resort to DIY videos from their staff to continue to present thought leadership. As a result, there are now many bundle options you can select from. Below are a few recommendations.
  • Software
    The straightforward approach to recording here in through the built-in camera app.

    The native camera app should suffice in most cases, but if you have the desire for the post-production to include color correction we would then recommend an app like Filmic Pro (cost associated to this).

Laptop Integration

  • Camera
    We generally lean towards Logitech for great professional webcams. Please find a link to their full offerings here.

    We suggest purchasing a 4K webcam, at the time of the document there are two great options available: BRIO ULTRA HD PRO BUSINESS WEBCAM and the LOGITECH 4K PRO WEBCAM. The latter has a built-in microphone if you do not plan on purchasing a professional microphone, we suggest going that route. The cameras are the same, with Brio boasting a 13 MP camera.
  • Software
    Record using Windows Movie Maker (Windows Operating Systems). Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other streaming services are other conferencing services but be aware that these software tools compress and downgrade the quality of the video.

We would love to work with you and help you grow your business through videography! Please, reach out and let’s make some amazing content together! Get started.

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Chris Alexander

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Chris Alexander is a digital marketing innovator at HomeTree Digital since 2020. He eats, sleeps, and breathes digital. His technical background, having studied Software Engineering at the Hellenic Mediterranean University in Crete, gives him a strong acumen for solving complex technical problems and a solid track record of project management. With a calm demeanor and an affinity for gaming design, he also balances his skills with newer generational videography, including AI-generated and text to speech technologies.

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